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42 years old
Marital status:
United States, Massachusetts, Hampshire, Amherst

Appearence & character

I don't smoke
I drink occasionally
I have and want more
Hair color:
dark brown
Eyes color:
Find of movie:
action, comedy, romantic comedy, psychological, fantasy, war, thiller, adventure, romance, travel, melodrama, historical, family movie, cartoon, popular science, Documentary
in my city, in my country, outside my country, in mountains, by the sea side, exploring new places, active, at home
Select your style.:
Traditional, Business, sporty, My own style
I can communicate in:
russian, english
What are you looking for?:
friendship, marriage, long-term relationship, just fun


I am an intelligent, strong, family oriented, honest, creative, hard working man who loves to be around family and friends. I work hard at what I do and am successful by my own hand. I work hard at one job and also run several small businesses.
I rarely drink and never smoke and I never do drugs. I like to keep my mind clear so I can focus on what I want to accomplish. I am an extremely passionate person. I can normally be found working in the garage at home creating or developing something new. I love to rebuild cars and sometimes race them. I am extremely creative, talented, and very passionate about the things I love.

I do speak some Russian.

My love language is touch and words of affirmation.

I'm a traditional man and make enough money that my future wife could be home if she chooses to.

Please contact me and I can send you an introduction video so you can listen to my Russian and see me :)

I have VIP, so smile at me and I'll add you to my VIP list.


I like intelligent women; women who are able to carry on a conversation about complex things.

I'm looking for a woman who will not try to control me. I hate being controlled. I would want that we mutually support each other. I've read the happiest couples mutually support each other and have low expectations on each other, I'd like to find a lady who would like to test that and have a happy relationship with me.

I'm looking for a woman who is soft and feminine and family oriented.

My interests

In the summer I can be found traveling or working on some project, or kayaking, or fishing, or driving my convertible or motorcycle. In the winter I enjoy good movies, cuddling (when I have someone to cuddle with), and still working on some projects. I enjoy traveling and have traveled to Ukraine and Russian several times.
I love working with my hands to create and invent new things or make old things better.

I've am president of various organizations and businesses. So I'm often directing people at various club meetings, association meetings, or guiding my own companies. I enjoy being a leader and would like that whichever lady is in my life she can respect that.