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ZELITEL, 56 years old


Очень хочется найти интересных, добрых друзей - единомышленников.


I am a cosmopolitan, traveled a lot. I love to learn, and to share my knowledge. Clear, honest, interesting communication is very important for me. I am creative, expressive, passionate for the truth, a free thinker, Love God, but do not choose to be
religious. I am more of a New Age woman, with the revolutionary spirit. I have medical education, an RN. At this time I would describe myself as a mystic, healer, and a traditional naturopath. I love helping people to improve their health, and the quality of life. I am an environmentalist, love our gorgeous mother earth, and all the gifts that it gives us, every single day. And of course love animals, have 2 toy poodles unfortunately no kids. I used to travel to see various cities, in the past. Now, human structures hold very little interest for me, I prefer to go nature.


A beautiful kindred spirit in a man's body, that is kind, honest, compassionate, loyal. Also, intelligent, good conversationalist, affectionate, must love animals, nature, and me!
Looks are not that important, I am looking for the soul connection, and soul recognition.
If I choose to be with you, then I will love you fully, по другому не умею. And of course I could not be with you, unless I get the same in return.
I am also open to platonic friendships, and pleasant connections.
I choose to have physical intimacy and passion ONLY in a faithful, monogamous, committed relationship, or marriage.

I relate to all people in an honest, and HONORABLE manner and expect the same in return.

I wish, and hope to be recognized for my amazing spirit.

I need to mention, since I have been contacted by many dating scammers, that I don't give money to anyone, for any reason.

My interests

reading, watching youtube, no TV, nature, friends, gardening, learning, travel.
I am an amazing cook, and would love to spoil my man with smiles, kisses and magical organic meals.


Age56 years old


Marital statusdivorced

Educationuniversity graduated

LocationUnited States, Nevada, Clark, Las Vegas

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Appearence & character

SmokingI don't smoke

AlcoholI do not drink

Children.I don't want to have



Hair colorbrown

Eyes colorbrown

Find of movie comedy, romantic comedy, psychological, s-f, adventure, romance, travel, melodrama, historical, popular science, Documentary

Vacation in my country, outside my country, in mountains, by the sea side, exploring new places, at home

Select your style. Business, sophisticated, My own style

I can communicate in russian, english

What are you looking for? friendship, marriage, long-term relationship